Young Romanian Painter

Welcome to the land of Art

October 31st, 2007 Posted in Paintings

Portrait painting and physiognomy distortions have the role of strong psychological characteristics. The human beeing is the unity of all measures. He represents the main symbol, but the tragism of each individual is marked by a subtle regime of distortions treated by one sharp line, ample curves, monumental figures vigourously designed. Everything is linked with psychological faculty of reasoning about physiognomy modifications.

Inspired by harmony, the artist opens up the gate to his colourful, fabulous world.

Born in the subconsciousness, adapted in the consciousness and conveyed to the canvas by means of fundamental artistic solutions, the works of Lucian Dedita sets the imagination to wander.

Visualized love with all its attributes, colouristic wealth and detailed differentiation of the elements creates an enigmatic sensation of air, lightness, nonreality.

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